Wedding Photography Planning Made Easy

Wedding Photography Planning Made Easy

Wedding photography planning will give you a lifetime of happy memories. By following some simple rules to wedding photography, that part of your special day will be problem free.

Just as soon as you can after your wedding day was set, you want to reserve a photographer. Find a photographer you are comfortable with, has a style you agree with and fits into your budget. Once you have found this person, you should start your wedding photography plans. Meet with him or her and decide on the specific photos of your special day that you would want. Bringing the groom along and involving him in the wedding photography planning is a good idea so that he is not a stranger to the photographer on the wedding day.

Wedding photography planning may not be just reserved for the wedding day. There are often many packages, which a photographer may offer. One of these may be engagement portraits. This can be helpful for announcements or even invitations. If you chose to have engagement portraits, talk with your photographer on how to get the best picture possible. A photographer will normally have pre-determined sites listed for you to choose from unless you have a specific pose or location in mind. This wedding photography package is also a good idea if you are planning to have a slide show at the rehearsal dinner, before the wedding ceremony or the reception.

Part of wedding photography planning is speaking with the photographer about pictures you want. Many times, they have a list of the more common poses such as grandparents, both families together, bride’s family and grooms family and others. If the photographer you choose to do the wedding photography has a photojournalistic style, this meeting is very important. This will assure you get all the poses and people you want to have in photos.

Wedding photography planning also includes timing. You will not want to keep your guests at the reception to have to wait an extended period so planning will keep the wait to a minimum. This is especially true if the bride and groom chose not to see each other prior to the wedding ceremony. If this is the case, so that the groom and his groomsman and the bridal party can each get their groups pictures taken it is wise to plan on being there ninety minutes before the ceremony. The only pictures after that would be the family pictures and pictures of the bride and groom together.

You must plan the timing of your pictures even more if it is a ceremony outdoors because of lighting changes. It will be dark if you start the wedding to late, so you want to take as many pictures as you can prior to the wedding. This would be especially true if planning a dusk wedding. Wedding photography planning would consider all these circumstances.

Wedding photography planning is relatively simple when broken down to some basic rules. As soon as possible, choose a photographer. Meet several times with the photographer to ensure that you get the pictures that you want. Listen to the photographer, he is a professional and may have some good ideas. And don’t forget to make sure that all parties are on time and in the correct location.

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