Take a Good Profile Picture

How to Take a Good Profile Picture

Everyone wants to look good in their profile picture, Whether it’s to attract a future love interest, boost your self-esteem, or just dabbling in photography, there are some points that should be considered before hitting the ‘Upload’ button.


Obviously it makes things much, much easier to have a good digital camera. Make sure your camera has enough memory to take higher quality pictures. Take as many photos as possible. Usually more then you think you’ll need is always a good idea. Make sure to diversify your backgrounds, lighting, and poses; you don’t want twenty pictures of the same thing. Once you are happy with the number of photos you’ve taken, upload them to a computer, preview, and delete the ones you don’t want. Previewing on an actual computer screen instead of the camera itself is always a good idea. Usually a camera’s screen doesn’t show the entire picture, or it’s rendered in lower detail. In some cases it can even distort the image. Don’t delete anything until you can see everything you need to make an informed decision!


Lighting is also very important for profile pictures. Make sure if your using a laptop to take the picture in a room with other lights on, this will make sure that the photo doesn’t have a blue tint from the light of the screen. If you are using a regular camera, try to get a yellowish or rose-colored light, which is more of a compliment to the skin rather than tungsten, or green light. Also, try to position the light to the side, above, or in front of the subject (you), if you put the light directly behind you, it will create a silhouette-which will make it very difficult to see your face.


Except for stick figures, everyone has a bad side. Usually an angle below the face creates unpleasant shadows and a bold view of a double chin (or can even create the illusion of one!). It’s a good idea to take a shot from above or on level with your face to create a nice looking photo.


The subject of a profile picture is YOU. Your messy room or cluttered kitchen don’t have a Facebook account, so leave them out of it. Think of a profile picture as a portrait where the only focus is you and your face, not the background behind or objects around you. Obviously, there are exceptions to every rule, but it’s usually a good idea to have a nice clear background (maybe a simple landscape or clean white wall).

Hair and makeup

Profile pictures are supposed to portray you and how you look in your everyday life. Even though getting dressed up is fun, overdoing it just to impress people on the Internet can have its down falls. People may be disappointed when they meet you in person and realize you’re not the “dolled up” person they saw on your Facebook page. Be careful how you present yourself and your photos.


Again, adjusting the lighting or cropping a photo is fine, but putting stars all over the photo or airbrushing your face until you look like a Barbie doll is less than be desired. Keep it simple and classy. If you really want to make photoshopped pictures, make a new photo album and name it accordingly.

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