Digital Photography and Technology

St. Louis Community College Offers Classes in Digital Photography and Technology

I wrote, edited, and published a regional newsletter for a major restaurant chain for quite a few years. In the beginning, there was no digital media. We didn’t even have computers. Those came along later. For the first couple of years that I did the newsletter, I literally pasted it together. It was a lot of work.

First I had to write the stories. The primary function of the newsletter was to recognize outstanding work by employees, so I did a lot of traveling around and interviewing. Then I took the pictures. I used one of those old Polaroid instant cameras that folded out because the pictures copied better. Since cost was a consideration, the first editions were all in black and white.

Then I took all that I had accumulated and went to work. I bought some of those stick on letters for the headlines. Then I drew the columns out on a 10 x 12 piece of paper. I cut the stories that I had typed on another piece of paper and then glued them on the paper underneath the headlines. I then glued on the photographs in the appropriate places. It looked kind of rough, but after going to the copy store and smoothing the edges out by adjusting the machine when I made the copies, it looked pretty good.

Then along came the computers and with them came publisher programs and Photoshop. It was a whole new ballgame. Of course I didn’t receive any training, I had to learn by trial and error, but after a little coaching from a friend of mine who was a programmer, I got the hang of it. With Photoshop, a publisher program, and a digital camera I could do a whole lot more than I could before, and do it all in color.

I no longer do a corporate newsletter, but I did do the cover for my last book, and I must say that it turned out pretty good. It would have been a whole lot easier for me if I hadn’t had to figure the whole thing out by myself.

Today, jobs involving digital publishing and photography are rapidly growing, even in this sluggish economy. According to Healthy Planet Magazine, (, there is a lot of competition for these types of job openings. This makes getting the proper training even more important. St. Louis Community College offers some of the best and most affordable classes in digital arts and technology. Upcoming spring classes include:

Adobe PhotoShop for Professionals- the First Step, Adobe PhotoShop for Professionals – the Next Step, Advanced Adobe PhotoShop, Down and Dirty Tricks in Photoshop, Digital Asset Management (managing your photographs), and, How to Copyright your Digital Work.

So if you are interested in a career in digital photography and technology, check out some of these classes. You can’t get by with just cutting and pasting anymore.

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