Scrapbooking and Preserving Pictures

Scrapbooking and Preserving Pictures

Do you have tons of pictures laying around in boxes, collecting dust and just waiting to be put in books? Is your computer over-loaded with digital photographs, taking up space and sitting there in files? If so, you are not alone!

While the explosion of technology has introduced many of us to the use of digital cameras, many of us are still left clueless as to how to manage our family photographs. Is it best to store photos online and hope for the best that your computer doesn’t crash? Or is it better to take your camera chip into a photo store, getting prints made right then and there? There’s no wrong way to do it, but here are some tips for saving photos and preserving family memories to the best of your ability.

  1. Store digital photographs in several areas: It is a good idea to make separate folders on your computer for each batch of photos taken. As soon as you load the pictures up on the screen scroll through to see which ones you can delete off right away. Store the photos in JPEG. mode to make for easy access with editing in Adobe Photoshop and for self-printing. There are several different websites out there, both free and low-priced where you can post your pictures for others to view and order. is a great site used for this purpose which you can use for free or gain more control over with a year subscription. is very similar to At you can also store photos to share with friends/family over the internet. Having your pictures stored not only on your computer but also on a website is a great safety net.
  2. Save pictures to a CD: If you have a CD burning program you can store pictures to a CD quite easily through following the program instructions. Separate pictures into separate folders first and check to see how much room your pictures will take up compared to how much storage your CD will accept.
  3. Printing pictures: You can either print pictures at home using the best quality print option although you will also need to buy glossy/photo paper and keep up with the ink cartridges. Having a paper cutter at home can help rather then using scissors. Many times your digital camera will come with a program to help you with editing/printing your pictures. Some of these programs will offer the option of making photo collages where you can print out several pictures together on one piece of paper.
  4. Printing out of store: gives you the option of ordering your pictures right off of the internet for $0.19 a picture and then picking them up later that day. Most photo shops have their own system where you simply insert your digital camera chip and pick out the photos/sizes right there in the store. Or if you are storing pictures on a site like you can order prints straight off of the site also for $0.19 a print, yet you’d also have to include shipping prices.

Once you have your pictures in your hands you can take the next step and pick out a scrapbook and supplies. Dollar stores are great for little stickers/embellishments to work with. Fabric stores such as JoAnn Fabrics have a wonderful selection of scrapbooks and supplies. You don’t need much to get started as long as you have a book, some background paper to work with, adhesive tape or glue and creative embellishments. Little souvenirs such as ribbons or shells from a vacation can be glued down with a glue gun to add a more personal touch to your page.

Choose paper that goes with the theme of your scrapbook. If you are doing a book highlighting the events of this past summer you may choose paper with bright colors, wild flowers, or beach/summer scenery. Scrapbook stores carry all sorts of paper in different hues and prints that are fun to play with. Most stores carrying scrapbook supplies will have some paper selection but not as wide of a selection. Make sure all of the scrapbook products you buy are acid-free to keep your photos preserved their best and longest.

Investing in a tape adhesive device and then buying refill rolls is usually the best bet over messing with glue. It is much cleaner to work with and it only takes a few strips of the tape on the back of your photos/paper to make it hold still. Scrapbook magazines are fun to look through for ideas on layouts and being creative.

When getting started with scrapbooking it is important not to overwhelm yourself with the details. Get a few supplies together and play around with your pages to make them fun. It doesn’t matter if your page doesn’t look like the one in the magazine – add your own personal touch to it! Scrapbooking is about having fun, being creative, and preserving memories while doing it.

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