The Best Holiday Gifts for Camera Enthusiasts

The Best Holiday Gifts for Camera Enthusiasts

We all have people we know who love taking pictures (and some who just love being in them). All they want to do is click away, and if they were given the right equipment, they would click away forever, and love the one who made it possible for them. As such, there are many options to pick from in this competitive field. The price range varies dramatically, so do the features and the size and weight of the camera. In this competitive market, there are many options that you could go with, not the least of which are listed and reviewed in this article for you to be able to make the best choices:

Canon PowerShot SD700:

The Canon PowerShot SD700 is the best compact camera available out there with the most features and is one of the best performers over all. The Canon PowerShot SD700 is packed with features :

It has image-stabilized f/2.8-to-f/5.5 35mm-to-140mm lens (35mm equivalent) and can hit some settings as high as ISO 800. It has a small optical viewfinder cramped up with the 2.5 inch bright LCD screen. The viewfinder’s position is rather unhelpful, as it’s placed right above the center of the LCD screen – so either you have to try and cock your head at a weird angle, or rub your nose against the LCD screen.

the image quality is also excellent with amazing colors and some really cool effects that can be added on with the software available. The camera also features the snazzy effects that allow you to take black and white pictures with just one thing in color in the picture and many more. The camera also takes pictures in the burst mode at 2.1 frames per second and has excellent 2nd shot time gap at only 1.6 seconds. The only let down is the price of the camera with it costing over $350 at most stores.

Canon PowerShot A610:

The Canon PowerShot A610 is one of the most affordable cameras in its class and allows for some remarkable features/dollar value. The Canon PowerShot A610 features a 2 inch LCD screen; a 5 Mega Pixel resolution and auto white a balance adjustment that makes indoor images look a lot more realistic than other cameras and 4x optical zoom. It is easily one of the best cameras available when you consider that it costs only about $250 at the most (and you can get the refurbished ones for a lot cheaper).

The image quality is also excellent with the Canon PowerShot A610 and is sharp, clear and very clearly and distinctly colored.

Casio Exilim EX-Z850:

For those who are looking for an ultra-slim camera and have an acute desire for feature overload, this is the perfect gift. The Casio Exilim EX-Z850 offers more features than just about any other camera in a smaller body than most other cameras too. Not only does the Casio Exilim EX-Z850 allow one to take some extremely sophisticated pictures with its crazy features (like the nine-point focus), there’s an incredible amount of changes that you can make to picture in the camera itself to redeem a stinker.

The only downside to Casio Exilim EX-Z850 is the limited zoom and the small lens that causes some rather disturbing fringing of photos. However, for the size of the camera, everyone should be satisfied with its pictures.

There you have it – the best gifts to give your camera enthusiast friends. And remember, in case of a little problem in the pocket, you can always give them just an SD card for greater storage with their current cameras. Other than these, there are more options available, but it’ll be hard to beat these three in their respective categories.

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