A Leap of Faith in the Automobile Industry

Picture sliding into your sleek, new car, stating an address and not lifting a finger. You have no passengers, but a voice softly asks if this is your desired route. Agreeing, you automatically respond with a “yes, thank you” and proceed to your destination. No need to hit the brakes, turn left or right or accelerate, it’s all being done for you. Simply, kick back, relax and watch a movie or scroll through the internet while being driven safely to your destination. This may all sound like something out of a movie, but it’ coming to a neighborhood near you soon. Companies like Google, Tesla and Uber are releasing self driving cars. The question is: would you trust them?

Upon further inspection of the new vehicle you see two buttons: one with START written on it, and another that indicates an emergency. This is the one time in a car that you can take your hands off the wheel, because there isn’t one. This car is electric, some come with a steering wheel that recedes into the vehicle, but most are wheel free. You can listen to music, have a dance party or even a slumber party, if you trust the futuristic car enough. What if one day, we lived in a world without drivers? A nation full of self driving vehicles, constantly dancing in robotic motion. Say goodbye to road rage, traffic accidents, frustrating court dates and tickets. Though police departments wouldn’t meet their monthly ticket quotas, the general public would be delighted.

On October 3rd, Jerry Brown, the Governer of California passed a bill allowing the testing of self-autonomous cars with or without a driver. The law states that testing is legal as long as the cars navigate private roads and maintain a 35 mph speed limit. Clearly, advanced technology is paving the way for a freer future. With statistics showing that almost 95% of accidents are a result of human error, just think how self-driving cars could change that. These vehicles would allow special needs individuals, those without a license or unable to get a license the freedom to drive safely. With more electric models in the works, these cars would be better for the environment and produce less pollution. The only negative impact in sight is those who are chauffeurs, taxi and limo drivers, they may see a drop in revenue.

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