The Car That Thinks for Itself

In the beginning, mobile computing had a simple definition: laptops, cellular phones and eventually small net books. Now, it has expanded to include full sized vehicles. Newer cars include powerful CPU’s with extensive amounts of technology. Some are already equipped with cameras, GPS, satellite radio and networking hardware, but the magic is only increasing. By combining cameras and software, car manufacturers are revolutionizing mobile technology in a more powerful way than ever before. Let’ take a look at what’s happening right before our very eyes.

The helpful cameras that provide assistance with backing up and pulling in can be found in many makes and models and will soon be mandatory. There are several other high powered cameras that can be found in cars as well. Some vehicles employ front cameras that capture a bird’s eye view, making lane changes and traffic situations easier to maneuver. The view patches together 4 images and the powerful computer maximizes the image quality to produce the most realistic view for the driver. With more computer power available, cameras can even detect outside motion. This helps to prevent crashing into trees, other vehicles and even people.

Mobileye is the genius behind innovative, camera car parts. They produce safety camera equipment that easily navigates dark situations and gives the driver a 2 second warning of impending damage. While cameras and technological equipment are very powerful so far, they aim to be more stylish in the near future. Tesla wishes to create cameras that act as side view mirrors, less bulky than their predecessors. In the future, dash cams will be a necessary part of your vehicle and not just an after thought. Though visual cameras work well, they can often be troubled by perceiving contrast. Some car manufacturers want to incorporate lidar and radar, a more reliable tracking measure, into their designs. This is the type of technology that self driven cars use.

With high powered cameras and vast technologies already controlling your vehicle to some extent, this is only going to expand in the future. It’s predicted that cloud technology will extend from our mobile devices to our vehicles in the near future. As for now the impressive amounts of power in our cars will be used for cameras and assisted vision and spatial sensor systems. They all serve to help you drive the car to the best of your abilities.

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